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We are forever grateful to Captain Maggie & The Angel Island Tiburon Ferry for their ongoing community support and involvement. It is because of Angel Island Tiburon Ferry’s generosity that our coverage of many meaningful Community Public Service TV Campaigns Volunteer Programs, and Non-Profit Organizations has been possible!


“Your Mission – should you choose to accept it – is to get out and volunteer today!”

This site offers a user-friendly “Find Your Match -Volunteer Opportunity Resource Toolkit” for people of all ages interested in helping their communites find engaging, meaningful, and FUN “Volunteer Ops” that will match an indivdual’s special interests and lifesyles.

“Do Something Extraordinary – Volunteer – and Unleash Your Inner Hero Today!”

Be a Marine Mammal Volunteer For The Challenge of A Lifetime!

Aprilanne Hurley, author of the Party Girl Diet and California Living TV host says “hands down – one of the most rewarding “Volunteer Ops” you’ll find is with The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA.” “One of my first TV new segments was reporting on “Arrow,” an abused sea lion that was shot with an arrow and needing care at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA – I’ll never forget the excitement when we covered Arrow’s release back into his natural habitat, or the sweet little innocent faces of the many helpless creatures that need our love and care at the center.”


When it comes to finding satisfying volunteer opportunities – Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley suggests: “do what you love.” “If you like working with animals for instance, you can inquire with a local shelter that could use your help caring for abandoned animals, if you enjoy working with people, there are thousands of non-profits that would welcome your time and expertise working with their clients in needs, and if you enjoy nature, give your local or state parks organizations a call to see what types of volunteer opportunities they have available.” Hurley adds, “you can also create your own opportunity by offering your specific talents or skills pro-bono to an organization you think you would enjoy working with.”

Volunteering linked to elevated mood, release of feel good chemicals in the brain...

Whether you are interested in helping animals, people, or marine mammals like “Astro” featured here – when you give your time and  yourself to your communtity you will sucumb to the great feeling known in the volunteer world as the “helpers high!”
Certain times of the year such as “pupping season” pose higher threats to our marine [...]