Could you be ready to deploy on a Search & Rescue Mission 24 hours a day?  Do you get stoked by the concept of being ready for anything, attending bootcamp trainings, and going on missions to find lost and missing people “anytime, anywhere, in any weather?” 

If you answered yes to the above – Your Mission is to check out the Search & Rescue Volunteer Ops with Marin County Search & Rescue TODAY!

Marin Search & Rescue is a Division of Marin County Sheriff Robert T. Doyle’s Office and is comprised of about 50% Adults and 50% youth members.  Applications for Spring 2010 Recruitment are due March 5th, 2010 so if the idea of this Volunteer OP has you packing your “Survival Kit” check out it!  Keep in mind, there are required monthly and/or weekly meetings, required bootcamp trainings, and you need to be available 24/7 to respond to a Search & Rescue Mission call.

For the Inside Look at what goes on behind the scenes to keep Marin County safe - check out producer and show host Aptilanne’s Hurley’s: “Are We Prepared?”  Video On-Demand below::

Click here for a behind the scenes look at Disaster Preparedness in Marin County, CA

 If you don’t live in/near the Marin/San Francisco Bay Area and want to look into Search & Rescue Ops in your area check with your local Sheriff’s Department for details on what volunteer resources and recommendations they have for you – and Good Luck!

If the idea of facing danger, protecting people, and serving the public for the greater good of the community sounds like something you were born to do then “Your Mission is to check out the Volunteer Ops waiting for you” at a few of the Fire Departments in your local area!  Each program differs and this is another one of those opportunities that is in demand so you may have to check out a few to see which one’s are taking on and training new recruits.

Another idea is to take a lifesaving class with your local Red Cross Chapter - which will get you closer to “being ready for anything” when the time comes to step in and volunteer to save a life.  Aprilanne